Three Dimensional pattern
Namyang International is able to provide the best customer satisfaction by creating three-dimensional patterns that reflect the curves of human body through our R&D and development room with excellent abilities.
Co-Creation & Speedy T&A(Time and Action)
We are always ready to help you choose the best items by analyzing and researching the latest trends and items and thus stocking them into our stores.
Our R&D team can meet our customers' highest standards based on our years of experiences co-creating items with our customer R&D centers.


Knit Woven Mix media
Namyang International is a company that has handled woven and knit for a long time. Based on long accumulated technologies and know-hows, we have capabilities and environments that can produce mixed design products that both have knit and woven at the same time.
Capability to produce all gender & categories
Namyang International has the experience and abilities to produce all categories of products ranging from women's wear to men's wear and baby clothes.
Localized factory organization
Based on smooth communications with its local corporations and plants, Namyang International's local employees consider Namyang to be their company, not just a foreign company they work for, and we are leading the way for higher customer satisfaction by practicing ethics business based on higher corporate ethics.


Organic customer response
Based on trust, Namyang International continues to maintain its relationships with its longtime customers and seeks ways for all our clients to win-win to prosper together.
Stable labor relations
Namyang International and its employees all strive to develop and grow the company with one heart and mind. In particular, we are sharing our management achievements with our employees through the free allocation of our own shares through the Employee Stock Ownership Association and dividend payments based on our management results every year. This reliable job and labor relations have led us to show off the lowest turnover rate in the industry.

Our Business
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