We will grow into the best apparel exporter.

Strengthen production capacity and secure price competitiveness

New plant and strengthening of production capacity
Strengthen production capacity by establishing new factories in Vietnam
Meet the unit cost of production through competitive wages

Enhance core competencies through quality control and research

Three Dimensional Patterns
Production of three-dimensional patterns by investing in R&D and developments
Activate CLO 3D CAD and secure 3D technologies
Knit Woven Mix Media
Produce mixed design products combined with knit and woven
Produce all gender and Categories
Diversify buyers by making clothes of all ages and all genders without staying in one product
Secure technologies and expand marketability such as baby clothes, men's wear and functional clothes

Customer satisfaction and stable labor relations

Trust with our customers
 Maintain long-term transactions by satisfying our customers with the best products
Labor relations
Maintain stable labor relations by respecting all employees like family

Introduction of Ethical