Ethics regulations for partners

  • Namyang International respects the order of free competitive market aiming fair and transparent competition, and establishes ethics standards moving toward global standard to improve the soundness and transparency of our business. In this regard, we inform you of the following moral standards for you to comply with
  • First, employees of Namyang International may not make any demand with monetary value, nor may they provide gifts or money for business purposes to each customer.
  • Second, gifts for holidays or anniversaries may not exceed 30,000 won.
  • Third, we do not receive financial support or money and valuables for our leisure activities and/ or events.
  • Based on these standards, please act on the basis of moral values so that we could root ethics management and pay us with an improved service such as increased quality and/ or cost competitiveness.
  • In addition, we trust each partner as a healthy business partner, create wealth and value through professional and efficient management activities, and distribute them fairly to stakeholders, so that we can coexist with our stakeholders and continue to work for the future.

January 2016

Jinsoo Hong, CEO of Namyang International



Introduction of Ethical