Welcome to Namyang International.
As a leading apparel manufacturing company, Namyang International is making a new leap forward to become a global company that leads the fashion market.

A company that grows with more than 15,000 professionals
With more than 15,000 apparel experts in Vietnam, the Philippines, China, and the United States, Namyang International has established itself to be a global apparel company.
Our experts who love clothes strive to satisfy our customers with a driving force and active attitude that seek out ways to help customers even before being asked for.

A humble, modest company that thinks its employees as family
Namyang International believes that its customers and its employees are its family; it has been conducting its business transparently for 30 years. We value people above all else, conduct our business with dignity and pride, and create new values every day.
we also prioritize trust with our customers and try to become a company that our customers can believe in. In 2013, we established 'Code of ethics' and 'action plans for the code of ethics', in an attempt to maintain responsible and healthy corporate culture that could contribute to the economic development of local communities and the country.

A young company constantly exploring the ways to achieve its goals
Namyang International's all employees are rolling their sleeves up to generate annual sales of $ 500 million by 2020.
To flexibly cope with the rapidly changing fashion market, we have invested heavily in the R&D and introduced 3D patterns to produce the best apparel ahead of the fourth industry.

We are truly grateful for those who have believed in and loved us.
We refuse to settle for our growth that we have cultivated for a long time. We will become a vendor that is the most trustworthy and reliable producing clothes that make people happy beyond the Asian market and also achieve our dream to generate annual sales of $ 500 million. We thank you again for your support.

Jinsoo Hong, CEO of Namyang International

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